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E Books continue to grow in popularity and was our first venture into the world of book publishing. 

As well as electronic versions of our paperback releases, we have also published free e books as well as charity fund raising titles.

For more information about our latest titles, please see below. 

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In 2013 - Frank McGroarty (IWM publishing) was diagnosed with a form of Thyroid Cancer. In what was a roller coaster 12 month period, which included two operations and in early 2014 he also spent a brief period of preventative radium treatment.

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cardpic"Working at Butlins took on a whole new meaning. Suddenly Butlins became the best place in the world."

Eighteen-year-old Terry McFadden is stuck on the dole with nowhere to go. Plagued by crippling shyness, he doesn't have the confidence to do anything, unless it was performing on stage or on the ballroom dance floor. But that wasn't going to get him a job.

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cover 3The 1982 summer season at Butlins Ayr was over. For Terry McFadden, life couldn't be any better. Those few months did not just change him as a person - they also changed his life.

He had just finished working in his dream job as a Butlins Redcoat, where he closed the door on his childhood life, received a major boost to his confidence, and found the love of his life, kitchen assistant Angie Bierman.

Now they were back in the "real world", living on either side of the country. How would their relationship survive during the off season?

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This is the story of Jimmy McGrory, a football legend who, they said, could kick a ball with his head such was his power in the air. In a wonderful 15-year career with Celtic that projectile of a head was responsible for many of the 550 goals which gave him a world record and a place in the Guinness Book of Records - goals which remain a European record. Originally published in 1975, produced in collaboration with Sports Writer, Gerry McNee, this is the story of a Celtic Legend,in his own words.

All proceeds from the sale of this e book will go to -

The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice, Glasgow.

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