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audio covers2.3"Working at Butlins took on a whole new meaning. Suddenly Butlins became the best place in the world."

Eighteen-year-old Terry McFadden is stuck on the dole with nowhere to go. Plagued by crippling shyness, he doesn’t have the confidence to do anything, unless it was performing on stage or on the ballroom dance floor. But that wasn’t going to get him a job.

Then, his talents set him on the road towards a life-changing summer working as a Butlins Redcoat, where under the guidance of egomaniac Entertainments Manager Ron De Vere, he discovers the person he wanted to be. He also finds true love with the lovely Angie.

Blending romantic fiction with historical fact, What Time Does Midnight Cabaret Start? is a coming-of-age love story and the debut novel of former Redcoat, Frank McGroarty.

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